ANA Multicultural Marketing Thought Leadership Forum Hosted by MillerCoors

14 Mar 2013|Added Value

Stephen Palacios, Added Value Cheskin’s intercultural lead, will be one of the speakers at the ANA Multicultural Marketing Thought Leadership Forum hosted by MillerCoors. The ANA Multicultural Marketing Thought Leadership Forums will discuss key issues to help elevate the impact of marketing to an increasingly multicultural nation. These will be exclusive “invitation only” events, bringing together client-side marketers for peer-to-peer discussion and exchange of best practices. Each meeting will be focused on a single key issue.

In his session “The Total Marketing Myth: Efficiency or Effectiveness”, Stephen Palacios will highlight how different brands are redefining their ethnic marketing strategy in response to the “total market” trend. Using specific examples, he’ll explain how changing ethnic norms are impacting new processes, new agency alignments and most recently for a few major brands, new ways of psychographically defining their target segments.

This event will be held on Thursday March 28 2013 at 10:00am at MillerCoors, Chicago.

To check the agenda for the day and have a look at the list of speakers, click here.

Space is limited. To request an invitation contact Yasmin Melendez at

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