Reality Workout

14 Mar 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Gyms are boring, they’re expensive, and they’re divorced from the real world. At least that seems to be the premise of a trend we’ve spotted. Spartanfam and Block Workout are two London based exercise classes that eschew weights and machines for – well – anything you can put your hands to. These mobile workout sessions are popping up in parks across the city.

Block Workout (
Block Workout (

This sort of fitness regime is not new – things like boot camp have become well established amongst the yummy mummies and daddies of London’s more bougie areas. What is new is the emphasis on community and accessibility. Both Spartanfam and Block Workout put an emphasis on affordability, thumbing their noses at the elitism of the gym.

Based outdoors, in un-ostentatious local parks this is a sort of grass roots fitness movement that adopts some of the language of protest to establish a new way of doing things. It’s a great example of people coming together to challenge the hegemony of big business extending to a new area. It’s not surprising that they are co-operating with local councils, the city of Westminster is working with Spartanfam to provide free training for young people. We’ll be keeping tabs on this for sure.

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