Story Selling

22 May 2013|Cultural Insight Team

A strong element of storytelling is the creation of a character – someone you can relate to or, at the very least, share understanding with. BT managed it for quite some time with the Adam and Jane storyline, even allowing a bit of audience participation when people were able to choose Jane’s wedding dress and the song for their first dance through a Facebook campaign. 


This was a lovingly updated version of the on screen relationship of Nescafe Gold blend couple, Sharon Maughan and Anthony Head. Their romantic drama lasted for five years, mostly revolving around borrowing or drinking coffee, but had a diehard following longing for the next advert-episode.


This tried and tested method seems to have been lost in an attempt to modernise. The current BT adverts show us the residents of Flat 6 – Simon the awkward student and his housemates, with their most obvious bond being their BT infinity broadband, tenuously demonstrating the benefits of BT technology through awkward situations and even more awkward dialogue.


We’re not sure how far BT can take this story, despite its whizzy multi-channel approach, it just doesn’t seem to provide the same emotional attachment that the Adam and Jane story did. We just don’t care enough, don’t want to participate in their story and fear it will simply fizzle out when they run out of ways to chat about their broadband.

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