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28 May 2013|Cultural Insight Team

IBM is hardly the first name that springs to mind when we think of interesting brands. The name itself, International Business Machine, merits a groan. So, imagine our surprise when we saw this, The Smallest Movie Ever Made.  (And don’t miss the ‘making of’ on the same page.)  IBM’s research team manipulate individual molecules like mother nature’s own pixels to create this 90-second storylet.   

IBM - The Smallest Movie Ever Made
IBM – The Smallest Movie Ever Made

While not quite the jaw-dropping Inner Space scene we might have imagined the quantum world to look like (though give  that boy some glasses and he could pass for Rick Moranis), this is truly amazing.

Vanity project or reputation building, we think it’s quite a smart thing for IBM. The largely B2B tech firm has never before inspired anymore than the aforementioned groan from us, and we wager from others as well. But this actually makes us think that IBM is pushing the frontiers of tech. Moreover, the whimsy of this project softens the brand’s metallic edges and gives those of us not in charge of IT at a Fortune 500 a reason to give a toss.

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