Stealth Wear

10 Jul 2013|Cultural Insight Team

In today’s world, it’s easy to feel like you are being watched. Technologies with Google Glass style face recognition, immediate capturing and uploading images, coupled with a growing awareness of government privacy violations (think Edward Snowden), are building a sense of privacy-violation anxiety.

The response is a growing need for products that protect privacy and a budding supply. A recent edition of TechMag featured glasses with LED lights that are not visible to the user, but can blind camera detectors and blur facial details, making it harder to recognize the user. A London-based exhibition also featured metallic cloaks that minimizes the user’s thermic signature and a wallet with strong LED lights, activated when someone taken unwanted pics.


These developments may be confined to art galleries and R&D labs for now – but we are sure that this new frontier of wearable tech will be on streets near you soon.

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