Predicting Culture

17 Jul 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Retrofuturism is a trend in itself very contradictory. It’s a creative art that blends ‘retro’ styles with visual elements from an imagined future. Predicting the future way in advance is almost like putting in the effort without expecting any recognition. Or at least, not having the guarantee of still being around when recognition does come.

A website dedicated to ‘retrofuturism’ posted a picture from a German artist of the 1930s who predicted a scene entirely recognisable to us today – two characters sitting at the same table in a social context, using funky electronic devices to communicate, instead of  having a regular conversation.

Sound familiar?

Retro-Futurism (
Retro-Futurism (

We can only hope his predictions will prove even more accurate, and that soon we will have those perfectly shaped oval smartphones to hold in our hands like an ancient-futuristic beauty mirror.

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