Golden Grains

19 Jul 2013|Cultural Insight Team

Recently spotted: a box of Basmati rice in a Harrods window display, placed upon a sea of red satin, classically poised as an object to be drooled over. Of course, this wasn’t just any rice, this was Tilda Vintage Basmati, now nicely aged from the exceptional 2006 crop.

Tilda Vintage Rice (
Tilda Vintage Rice (

Presented in a matt black box encasing the golden package inside, this is a product which pushes the boundaries of premium in a commodity category. We’re pretty used to the idea of ‘aged’ products being the finest, and the brand draws direct comparison to wine by choosing the word ‘vintage’ whilst borrowing the visual cues of many luxury brands.

But will people be happy to spend £4.99 on a box of rice? Maybe they will. But does it really matter? This is as much about asserting expertise in a category, and it feels right that Tilda would be the ones to do this. Connecting with trends around celebrating simple, single ingredients (Hugh, Nigel, Jamie..) and our increasing desire for rarity, it doesn’t seem such a mad thought after all…

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