Innovation Inspiration: Sci-fi Futures

08 Aug 2013|jhall

To receive Jonathan Hall’s monthly newsletter on Innovation, directly in your inbox subscribe here. Imagine the scenario: you’re headed off on vacation – so, you print out some new luggage, request a driverless car via your smartphone and take a distance-learning Spanish class through your eyewear on the way to the airport.

As crazy as it may sound, this may not be too far off. Self-driving cars, 3-D printing and wearable technology all exist today: soon, they will impact on your industry and your customers.

Everyday 3-D Printing
Oh no, your favorite sunglasses just broke! No big deal: pull up the specs, click print and voila – a new pair! If you think this scenario is far-fetched, think again, mass adoption of 3-D printing is closer than we think – really!

The Printing Revolution
With the advent of 3-D printing comes a whole new future where – incredibly – the consumer can create exactly what they need, when they need it. 3-D printing is not just about shifting more control to consumers, but could disrupt the economy of the future. From GE to Nike, businesses are looking to 3-D printing for ways to speed up production and cut costs – and create awesome designs.

Future Mobility
Wouldn’t it be nice to hop in your car and safely read this newsletter, answer emails or take a nap? This KPMG report charts how the self-driving car “would be profoundly disruptive for almost every stakeholder in the automotive ecosystem”. It may be a while before the general public will get to use these vehicles, but what is clear is that it will change the business of Mobility .

Man versus Machine
Autonomous vehicles could reshape cities or signal the end of truck drivers. We may not even need to own cars if you consider this technology combining with collaborative consumption. Imagine a service that sends a pod car to your home whenever you need it: GM already has…

Google Glass
Sure, some may think that Google Glasses are a bit, well, nerdy looking. Whether you think they look ridiculous or not, it’s important to note that Goggle Glass is the first major attempt at wearable and integrated technology. The goal is one day technology will be about seamless interactions that facilitate your daily activities.

Wearable Technology
The top 10 list: from education to market research to Hollywood, Goggle Glass – or the concept of wearable technology – will transform major industries.

More on 3-D Printing
10 trends on the horizon and 9 ways business will change.

Autonomous Test Drive
Self-driving car in action: empowering those who can’t drive on their own.

Envisioning a Google Glass world
What if you wore Google Glass? Watch this video to discover the possibilities.

Will 3D printing change the world?
We featured this video in our March Newsletter but it’s still one of the most inspiring on 3-D printing.

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Written by Jonathan Hall, Managing Director, Added Value Cheskin.

Picture credits: courtesy of Makerbot.

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