Added Value at the Luxury Goods Responsible Sourcing Forum

19 Sep 2014|Added Value

Luxury and sustainability: two opposing concepts? At first glance, perhaps. After all, the word luxury derives from the Latin word “luxus” and conjures up images of ‘pomp, excess and debauchery’. Whereas sustainability, by definition, invites us to more control as it aims to ‘meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs’.

The two sound paradoxical indeed. And consumers seem to agree. In a survey by Salon 1.618, consumers put the luxury industry last in a ranking of industries associated with sustainable commitments; ranking lower than the financial and petrol sectors.

So should the luxury industry admit defeat and never embrace sustainability? Let’s find out at the Luxury Goods Responsible Sourcing Forum taking place in Paris on Tuesday 23rd. Added Value’s Cécile Gorgeon, Sandrine McClure and Camilla Guimard will be speaking on the topic of sustainability, and how it just might be the future of luxury.

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About Cécile Gorgeon, Director
Passionate about people and insight, Cécile joined Added Value in 2002.
Since then, her curiosity and love of a good challenge has driven her work. She has helped numerous brands to gain a comprehensive understanding of local cultures and mechanisms, including luxury in India, air travel in Jordan, the emerging middle class in Nigeria and modern femininity across the globe.
Cécile’s expertise lies in knowing how to turn cultural insight into inspiration and opportunities for global brands.

About Sandrine McClure, Director
A graduate in both Business from France and Finance from London, Sandrine is passionate about working on products and experiences that affect the senses. She briefly worked client side before joining a London based research agency 20 years ago. She has not looked back since, honing her skills on international brand positioning and market understanding.
Sandrine is a frequent speaker at conferences.

About Camilla Guimard, Project Director
Camilla is a cultural insight and brand strategy specialist. With a background in communication and strategic planning, at Added Value she has further developed her expertise in the cultural insight field, to explore interrelations between brands & culture and apply trends analysis to brand strategy.

Image source: Hermès


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