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22 Sep 2014|Added Value

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October 2014: Positive AgeingSeniors look for brands that are fun, optimistic & quirky.

September 2014: Meet Generation Z. Read on to discover how Gen Z is changing the world, and how your brand can be part of the revolution.

August 2014: The MINT Economies. While many brands are looking to the BRIC economies for growth, it might be worth thinking MINT. Read on and discover some more reasons why.

July 2014: The Makers. Some brands are embracing greater customization, but there’s an opportunity to do much more. Read more.

June 2014: Money 3.0. 2014 could very well be the year of the mobile wallet… Read on and discover why.

May 2014: World Cup Marketing. The World Cup is a momentous event and with that comes a stage for introducing innovative concepts and pushing marketing to new heights. Read more.

April 2014: Superpower India. We explore the complex Indian consumer landscape, the nation’s innovative spirit, brands’ marketing efforts, and onions in the world’s second most populous country. Discover more…

March 2014: Superhuman Futures. Robots are the future. We will increasingly view them as extensions of ourselves. Read more…

February 2014: China still A-changing. In this issue, we explore how the Chinese market is unique, how brands are performing and what innovation looks like in the world’s most populous country. Read more…

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whoweare_leadership_usa__johnathan-390x390 - CopieAbout Jonathan Hall
Jonathan joined Added Value UK in 2005 to work on global clients, before moving to head up Added Value France three years later. In 2011, he became Managing Director of Added Value Cheskin in San Francisco.

He specialises in brand strategy development and innovation with experience ranging from multi-national packaged goods, financial services, technology, pharmaceutical and utilities groups through to leisure players, retailers and luxury businesses as well as government departments, universities and charity organizations.

A long-standing member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Brand Management, Jonathan is also an Oxford University graduate.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter @HallCJonathan

Image credits: Added Value & iStock

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