Top 5 Ways for Brands to Win with Positive Ageing

27 Oct 2014|pompei de warrensc

1- See life as a playground
Seniors are looking for brands that are fun, optimistic and quirky. Don’t hesitate to be bold, unconventional and unexpected. Show them the bright side of life. See how Pespi has made a parallel between seniors and its brand and has leveraged their appetite for life and fun to communicate its own values. Watch the Pepsi Forever Young Film.

2- Youth is a mindset
Seniors are not counting the years, month and hours, but instead thinking in terms of everything they still want to achieve. Speak to this attitude, and not to their basic needs. Don’t question their capabilities, but promise performance and empowerment. Whatever you do, don’t think of seniors in terms of homogenous age groups. Marks and Spencer are making older women feel proud about who they are as strong women through empowered advertising celebrating influential British women across all ages , featuring Emma Thompson and Annie Lennox.

Emma thompson & annie lennox


3- I am what I do
Seniors are active and connected (socially and digitally). They are keen to prove that they can still bring something to the table, and they want to enjoy real life experiences. Let them be protagonists who are as active as possible in their own lives!
To celebrate its 70th anniversary, In 2011, Jeep has embarked on a wide-spread ‘Don’t Hold Back’ challenge. The brand featured the inspirational football legend, Tommy Hafey, as the face of the Jeep brand’s 70th anniversary celebration with a special commemorative 60 second television commercial. As Sam Tabart, General Manager of Marketing at Chrysler Australia said;: “Tommy Hafey’s zest for life and no-nonsense attitude to embrace each and every day really struck a chord with us at Jeep. He represents the life of a 70 year old, having achieved so much, but – like Jeep – has no intention of slowing down in any shape or form”.



4- Be meaningful and honest
Seniors are experienced, wise and not easily fooled. Don’t be ‘fake’ or mislead them; stay honest and true to your identity. Some still believe that marketing for seniors can’t depict, or even mention, age. Really? Dove took a different stand to promote its Pro Age shampoo range. The TV ad portrayed naked elderly women with a provocative base line: “Too old to be in an anti-aging ad?’. Dove doesn’t try to hide their age – the brand just talks transparently to how people feel inside.


5- And just celebrate !
These are not second tier citizens, and they demand and deserve the best. Feed their pride, make them feel unique and beautiful and just celebrate with them. Just like the beauty industry has started to do. L’Oréal has announced its newest UK ambassador – Helen Mirren, 69. She’s the latest 50-plus woman to front a major cosmetics campaign, along with Charlotte Rampling (68), Tilda Swinton (53) and Jessica Lange (65).

Written by Cécile Gorgeon, Director, Added Value Paris.

Image source: Marks & Spencer, Jeep, Dove, American Apparel


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