Top 5 Brands Growing Beyond Product to Experience

27 May 2015|Claire Smyth

In a post-materialistic era, consumers are seeking authentic and exciting experiences. A shift from products to experience ecosystems means that brands creating the most impact through enabling experiences will add as much value as the product or service itself. They need to feel authentic and culturally relevant for brands to connect with consumers and find growth. We’ve identified the top 5 brands that have been harnessing the increasing demand for experiences and reaching far beyond the product or service.

1. Red Bull
It’s a well-used example but we had to include it on the list because frankly it’s the best in class. Red Bull transformed an energy drink product into a global entertainment brand. While the energy drink isn’t the brand’s main focus anymore, they still have their roots in ‘energy’ through the pursuit of the extreme. From space diving to motorsports they push the boundaries, while also championing sports that don’t always get the limelight such as cross-country biking and surfing. They bring the little known to life and make us want to be a part of the action, while encouraging our quest for adventure.

red bull

2. Lucozade
Lucozade promote activity and fun through their experiences. The ‘Yes’ campaign has spanned from experiential activity at festivals (digital access, sampling, and competitions) to sponsorship. In parallel, they have harnessed an increasing desire for active achievements and doing good by introducing the Yes Foundation. “Your Passion. Our Energy” says the tagline to encourage individuals and teams who want to do good by bringing to life the Lucozade values – passion, energy, and commitment.


3. Hendricks
Hendricks created a whole new creative world for gin lovers. This is across all their touchpoints, from the moment you enter their website you are enveloped into an exciting and intriguing world of adventure and grandeur. Extended to numerous “wondrous affairs and occasions” they hold globally to entice consumers into their innovative world – anything could happen. Including the sensory delight Voyages into the Unusual and Carnival of Knowledge – “this travelling parlour of enlightenment combines exceptional experts and erudite amateurs in a fiesta of learning and fine cocktails” – allowing consumers to feed their desire to be experts and fulfil their flourishing curiosity.


4. Nike
Nike is a fine example of taking a product and authentically enhancing the brand through lifestyle experiences. They provide value to consumers through Nike+ Running App, Nike+ Training Club, and the many running and training events they run globally. Encouraging people to work out they have particularly championed the movement of women to become more involved in an active lifestyle, bringing fun into the training experience through community, empowerment, and convenience.


5. Virgin
Virgin is another prime example of a brand becoming more than just a product or service. They are so much more than just a travel and media brand. They have harnessed the brand to surpass their categories and promote an entrepreneurial spirit. With Richard Branson at the helm it’s not surprising they have entrepreneurial initiatives such as Pitch to the Rich, giving the chance for start-ups to get backing, big ideas with the capacity to disrupt to become a reality, and small businesses to grow by changing from the inside.



Image credits: Virgin, Nike, Hendricks, Lucozade, Red Bull

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