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13 Oct 2015|ttpattisont

Many of us sometimes find ourselves day dreaming about being an entrepreneur: wondering what would happen if we launched one of our crazy ideas into the real world. The expert panel that assembled on Wednesday 7th October at WPP’s advertising agency GREY London have turned their fantasies into realities, and started their own unique businesses. The founders treated us to a fascinating insight into the inner workings of their start-ups, which are among the most exciting and innovative in the country.


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Here’s a brief summary:


What’s the idea?
Wirewax allows its users to create powerful interactive videos. An individual can upload content and then proceed to add text, images, buttons, videos and much more. With simple instructions and an easy to use website, Wirewax gives everyone the opportunity to create amazing interactive videos.

Why is it special?
Once an individual has completed their project they can share their video anywhere and even measure its performance. Many brands are started to utilise the accessible software, including CoverGirl, Honda & Sony.




What’s the idea?
Givvit gives its users the opportunity to spread the love and send small real life treats to friends, family and employees. It is the UK’s only ‘social treating’ app and a poll shows that 69% found the concept appealing.

Why is it special?
As well as being the only one of its kind, the product has a split appeal for both brands and individuals. Many have already taken up the opportunity to feature on the application, such as M&S, Café Nero and HMV.




What’s the idea?
Swipii is a loyalty reward programme aimed at the small time shopper/retailer. It enables those who engage in local shopping to reap similar benefits to those who collect Nectar or Tesco Clubcard points.

Why is it special?
The fun part of Swipii is the freedom it gives retailers to customise the rewards they offer to their consumers. Some have got really creative, offering unique and exciting items in exchange for points, uniting the local community.



Hoxton Analytics

What’s the idea?
The team at Hoxton Analytics have designed an algorithm that can accurately count footfall. With this innovative technology an individual’s gender, age and social grouping can all be determined, with accuracy reaching as high as 95%.

Why is it special?
With people becoming more and more offended by the use of facial recognition software in the retail landscape, this technology offers a far less intrusive alternative with many of the same benefits.



VOXTA Communications

What’s the idea?
VOXTA Communications describe themselves as mobile marketing with a difference. The company utilise state of the art speech recognition software that allows for a 2 way conversation between brand and consumer, sparking high levels of engagement.

Why is it special?
The software enjoyed incredible success when used during the Narendra Modi election campaign in India. Mr Modi reached millions of small communities and villages in India, even in media dark areas with the Voxta platform. Many individuals took up the opportunity to talk about issues that were concerning them, their words were recognized, and an appropriate response was played to them.


Captive Media

What’s the idea?
Put simply, with slick and stylish screens placed in male toilets, Captive Media have introduced hands free gaming into men’s urinals. The company claim the interactive element of the content they produce means this is the only media that can guarantee engagement between brands and their audiences.

Why is it special?
Captive Media are utilising a 60 second opportunity that has until now gone wasted. The success so far for brands has been tremendous, with some seeing a sales increase of 73%.



Thank you to our WPP friends at GREY for a great evening.


Written by: Tom Pattison, Brand Intern, Added Value UK 

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