Top Tips for Brands Looking to Premiumize in China - Part 3

17 Nov 2015|Added Value China

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  • Understand how your brand value proposition relates to specific premiumization trends and culture
  • Refine the brand positioning accordingly
  • Brand leaders and marketers need to especially focus on how to incite pleasure and happiness through very unique and individual future expressions
  • Premiumization should come from the heart. Find new ways to build on this and increase the ‘special’ appeal of your brand
  • Increase desire, creating a new future, language and product that differentiates you from the crowd
  • Add new meaning and create value but in an authentic way that displays the real, honest appeal of your brand
  • Create a specific brand expression ‘tool kit’ to help inform future briefs and marketing initiatives

Premiumization will continue to be a key growth area in China and brands which tap into this rather than solely relying on the instincts of their creative agencies and partners will benefit in the long-term by discovering new innovative solutions that contribute to more sustainable growth. The ideas and perceptions of premiumness continue to evolve and brands must think outside the box in order to differentiate and create a more emergent future focused brand definition. By creating premium experiences that anticipate evolving consumer expectations and new technologies, across multiple touchpoints including retail design, product innovation and content, forward thinking brands will ultimately win in China.

Written by Panos Dimitropoulos, Account Director of Cultural Insight, and Sam Woollard, Client Development Director, with support from the Added Value China team.

The main cultural trends underlining luxury and hence the way premiumization is being emergently understood are evolving in China. If you are interested to learn more about the emergent trends of premiumization in China and how your brand can make an impact, please contact us.

Image source: Chow Tai Fook

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