What’s Hot in Culture 2016

26 Jan 2016|Cultural Insight Team

To connect with the things people really care about, it is vital to understand and even anticipate what those things might be. Here are three topics we can see getting hotter and hotter in in 2016 –


Flexing Masculinity

2015 saw the subject of female empowerment boom – but for 2016, the flexing forms of masculinity will be the vital issue. With the gender debate being pushed front and centre, the rigid definitions of masculinity have fundamentally changed. Events like Tough Mudder – once reserved for the gruff, military trained, alpha male – are now being embraced by the masses, with even the most groomed fashionista yearning for a jam packed, extreme weekend. And it is not all about becoming more macho – charities such as Mind are championing the breaking of taboos around men’s mental health. Men are being encouraged to talk about their feelings, not just to appeal to women, but to make their lives significantly better. Lynx’s recent advert faces up to the identity blurring many men are undergoing, by capturing a multitude of constantly evolving masculine identities. The very concept of masculinity will continue to be fundamentally played with.


Going Outside

People are escaping from the shackles of Wi-Fi and social networks, and going off grid into the wild outdoors. Nature is becoming aspirational as a place where the stresses of the online world don’t even exist. The trend of immersion had moved from theatres and events, and is now been seen in an authentic absorption in the great outdoors. It is not just for adults – Little Forest Folk is London’s first outdoor nursery where the children are immersed in the forest all day – there is no indoors. This shift is about doing more than just turning phones off, it is about people pushing themselves to embrace a natural world that has been previously neglected.


Purposeful Mindfulness

Mindfulness is beginning to break ties with its spiritual origins, and move into a secular, ambitious world that has true purpose. It has shifted from the Zen style of living calmly and purely, to being part of people’s strategy to achieve their ambitions. The Art of Thinking Clearly self-help book enables people to train themselves to think sharply, and mindfulness is becoming less about removing oneself from the world, and more about finding ways to go back in with more vigour. We think that mindfulness is going to continue on its path towards the purposeful, direct and active – nothing will be passive.

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