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22 Mar 2016|Added Value

The pace in which we live our busy lives can often leave us feeling at risk of losing control and veering off the road. The School of Life Live’s most recent instalment brought together six experts to tackle this problem by giving practical advice that can be applied across different areas of everyday life. An eager team from Added Value UK went along to hear what they had to say:

1. How To Make A Home – Edward Hollis:
‘A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proof or illusions of stability.’- Gaston Bacheland

Edward Hollis claims our entire perception of the home can be changed by remembering a very simple truth: For most of us, the house in which we inhabit was not designed for us. This reality alleviates the stress of making a perfect home, because it reminds us that, this is in fact, impossible to achieve. We shouldn’t get trapped in the quest for perfection but enjoy the spaces in which we inhabit with all of their imperfections.

2. How To Live In The City – Hugo Macdonald:
‘Being human is itself difficult, and therefore all kinds of settlements have problems. Big cities have difficulties in abundance, because they have people in abundance.’ Jane Jacobs

By 2050, 75% of the world’s inhabitants will be city dwellers, which makes it more of a priority than ever for us to work out how to thrive in urban spaces. According to Hugo Macdonald, the key is to stop looking at ourselves as cogs within a city machine, but instead embrace and enjoy the city around us. By opening up and loving the city that we inhabit, Hugo believes that both metaphorical and physical energy will flow through us, and we will fall back in love with the city that we live in.

3. How To Choose A Partner- Susan Quilliam:
‘We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves.’ La Rochefoucauld

Is it easier now or more difficult than ever before to meet a partner? Susan Quilliam thinks it’s the latter. With more methods of selection than ever before we are becoming swallowed up in choice, but Susan has 3 killer tips to help us find the perfect partner: 1) Know what you want 2) Know how to get it 3) Know when you’ve got it.

4. How To Be A Leader- Martin Bjergegaard
‘Know thyself’ written outside the Temple of Apollo, Delphi

Martin Bjergegaard spent his time on stage abolishing myths around leadership. He claims being a leader doesn’t have to be about fronting a workforce or heading up a family, it can be as simple as taking that first step. With this line of thinking, we are all in fact leaders in many different ways, which makes the concept of ‘leadership’, seem far more attainable.

5. How To Be Bored- Eva Hoffman
‘Boredom: the desire for desires.’ Eva Hoffman

In this ever connected world we are terrified of having just a moment of idleness: We are collectively addicted to hyperactivity and we confuse aimlessness with sloth like behaviour. Eva Hoffman believes there is far more depth to life than the 2 dimensional selfie, and believes we should invest time in reconnecting with ourselves. She prescribes writing a diary or sitting in quiet pensive thinking is a great way to step away from stress.

6. How To Think Like An Entrepreneur- Fiona Buckland
‘I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ Thomas Edison

Who wouldn’t want to be an entrepreneur? Wealth, freedom, and the ability to put your live first… Fiona Buckland believes thinking like an entrepreneur is a great thing way of enhancing our abilities in everyday life. She believes we shouldn’t be afraid of failure but instead seize the day and move forward with our ideas. try it, measure it, learn from it, and try it again!

The team are looking forward to trying out the experts’ tips and tricks over the upcoming weeks. Here’s hoping they can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life!


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