CASE STUDY: M&S Putting Passion back into Promotion

10 May 2016|Added Value

M&S &It’s difficult to think of something more British than M&S. The major retailer is a staple of the high street from Shetland to South End. But when something is so regular, so much a part of everyday life, it’s easy to begin to take that thing for granted.

M&S sensed there were opportunities to gain an even greater connection with their customers. Added Value stepped in to help build more excitement into the brand through compelling promotions that would keep customers engaged.
Of course promotions themselves are a valued part of any retailer’s arsenal, but the brand was stuck in an uninspiring cycle of offering 20% off discounts, again and again. However, that isn’t always the case; the long running M&S “Dine in for £10” deal was and continues to be an enormous success, reframing the traditional promotion proposition to focus on value rather than discount, and supporting the M&S master brand.

M&S were after a pro-active, buzz building set of promotions and events that not only drove turnover, but that could reignite the customer’s love for the brand’s Britishness, design and celebratory credentials. And not only that, they needed the whole package to be wrapped up in a single big idea that would become an event in Britain’s shopping calendar and create ecstatic word of mouth. So, not only did we need to deliver the nuts and bolts of regular promotional mechanics and strategic implementation, we had to think creatively and executionally about every step.

The challenge combined the best of what Added Value has to offer – strategic, business-minded brand building and creative big thinking. We scoured the world of modern retailing in fashion and beyond, both digitally and bricks-and-mortar, to paint a clear picture of the promotional landscape today. This allowed us to create a full palette of the promotional mechanics that were driving excitement as well as sales.

We also investigated what other department store retailers around the globe were successfully doing to create promotions that felt like events rather than sales. Our Cultural Insight team unlocked what it means to be an iconic British brand in today’s world. We never lost sight of any one of the key pillars that makes M&S what it is.

With all this at our fingertips, we worked directly with M&S team members to create a suite of possible promotional ideas and events that could drive footfall and build brand love. And owing to the closeness of the relationship and our ability to adapt to the changing needs of the live project, one of our ideas is now the shining face of M&S’s promotional calendar.

Introducing ‘M&S &’; a promotional event that pairs M&S’s unique heritage with talented names across the globe, from iconic leaders of fashion to exciting new designers. & epitomises the power of two forces coming together, M&S and a carefully chosen partner, where the sum is greater than the parts.

The inaugural ‘M&S &’ event sees fashion icon Alexa Chung delving into M&S’s fashion archive selecting and creating a bespoke 31-piece collection, giving a fresh, modern spin on classic pieces that’s rich in history. British supermodel Jourdan Dunn and menswear designer Kestin Hare have also teamed up in the ‘M&S &’ series.


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