Gatorade: Fueling Fast and Future-Focused Brand Insights through Automation

15 Jun 2016|Added Value

Jeff Powell, AV LA, joined Gatorade (Pepsico) client Lauryl Schraedly and ZappiStore partner Ryan Barry on the podium at the IIeX conference on June 14th, where they presented to a packed house, “Gatorade: Fueling Fast and Future-Focused Brand Insights through Automation.”

Gatorade wanted to reaffirm that their strategy of targeting competitive athletes to reach the general market was successful. They also wanted to find out if their NBA Dwyane Campaign positively registered with their core target, and whether lift was seen among general market. They contacted ZappiStore to launch a brand study by using Added Value’s Snapshot tool to measure their hypotheses.

Two target groups were chosen for the study:

– The core audience of competitive athletes
– The general market

Using Added Value’s VIBE analysis in Snapshot, which uncovers how resonant a brand is in culture by measuring how Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting it is, the Gatorade brand was found to have out-performed the competing brands amongst the target market. Gatorade was also the most culturally vibrant among the general market. Overall brand equity is strong within the competitive athletes group for all of the brands, but only Gatorade’s brand credit carries over to the general public.

By executing the research on ZappiStore, the marketing team at Gatorade were able to access these insights within a matter of hours and confirm that the current strategy for Gatorade was still effective.

Ryan Barry of ZappiStore said, “partnering with industry thought leaders like added value and bringing best in class methods to corporations as at the core of our business. Snapshot is a tool that gives brands inspiration at different intervals in understanding what matters most, their cultural traction health and character type.”

About Snapshot
Snapshot is a breakthrough self-service solution designed to provide quick-fire inspiration for clients and agencies. Snapshot answers your critical brand questions such as: “Cultural relevance: Have we got it or lost it?”, “How strong is our emotional bond with people?” and “How authentic and clear is our brand character?” by tapping into Added Value’s proprietary insights tools Cultural Traction™, Brand Equity and CharacterLab™.

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