25 Oct 2017|Added Value

1. Experiential Marketing Makes Brands Unforgettable

In a world of digital abundance and non-stop chatter, brands like Casper, M&Ms, and Skittles know that unique branded experiences provide differentiation and appeal to millennials’ love affair with experiences.

2. Co-Created Content Taps Into Millennial Creativity

Brands like Apple, McDonald’s and Wendys x Wingstop, are harnessing millennials’ creative ingenuity to both co-create engaging content and build mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Brands Embrace Millennial Platforms

As younger generations increasingly live their lives on line, Snickers, Coca-Cola and Minecraft center their campaigns around popular social and gaming platforms where their target audiences are spending the majority of their time.

4. Hyper-Personalization Deepens the Brand-Consumer Relationship

Highly personalized content resonates with Gen Z-ers who are proud of their individuality and skeptical of mass marketing. Nike and Wonderbly hyper-customize to appeal to their young audiences.

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