Purpose Driven Brands

27 Nov 2017|Added Value

1. Tesco is helping to combat harmful pesticide residues

One of the world’s largest supermarket chains is launching safety bags that use photocatalysis to destroy toxic chemicals found on many fruits and vegetables. The bags, initially introduced in China due to the food safety scandals, have a safe inner coating that uses the power of light to trigger the breaking down of toxic elements before dispersing them naturally into the air.

2. Everytable makes healthy food affordable

This casual fast food chain was started in Los Angeles to combat the growing issue of food deserts in low income neighborhoods. Everytable’s business model drastically reduces production costs; while their economically diverse venues allow them to price meals according to the average income of the neighborhoods they serve.

3. Starbucks boosts employee opportunities for higher education

The coffee giant already made headlines by offering deeply discounted tuition coverage to ASU for qualified candidates. Early this year, they went a step further: In partnership with Arizona State University, Starbucks is offering qualifying employees the chance to fill in the gaps in their academic history, while providing guidance, coaching and tuition-free freshman classes to help them qualify for admission into ASU.

4. Nurx: disrupting Birth Control

As women’s reproductive health becomes increasingly politicized in the U.S, Nurx blows birth-control access wide open! A time-saving app called Nurx (pronounced “New Rx”) makes getting birth control as easy as a few taps on your phone. Women register for a free account online, fill out a questionnaire, exchange a few instant messages with a licensed doctor, and receive a package in the mail containing their birth-control method of choice, with or without insurance for as little as $15/month.

5. Whirlpool is increasing school attendance through clean clothes

While having clean clothes is something that many of us take for granted, the reality is that one in every five students struggle with access to clean clothes. And when students don’t have clean clothes to wear, they often skip school. Whirlpool saw this as an opportunity and created the Care Counts laundry program, which installs washers and dryers in schools for kids to use. Now Whirlpool is partnering with Teach For America to expand the Care Counts program to over 60 schools.


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