Humanising Data

30 Nov 2017|Added Value

1. AI crunches through data

Mazda, Marchesa and Coca-Cola are employing AI to collect and analyze data – whether its numerical, image, or text-based.

2. Targeted advertising is on the rise

Adobe and Snapchat are harvesting personality and demographic data to create custom tailored content that appeals to an otherwise ad-averse generation.

3. Data optimizes consumer experience in the financial sector

Betterment, Geezeo, and Clarity Money leverage data to accurately understand their customers’ financial behaviors and needs, enabling smart, consumer-centric improvements to their offers.

4. Healthcare draws on big data for life-saving insights

Optum Labs, GNS Healthcare, Signet Accel and Perahealth employ big data, predictive analytics and machine-learning to better clinical treatment and advance research discovery.


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