New luxury

18 Dec 2017|Added Value

Premium becomes more inward looking
Status has shifted from being centered around the possession of certain objects, to becoming more wholesome and self-actualizing into ethical, informed, and healthy individuals through brands and experiences like Inscape, Samsung x De Grinsogono, and Saks Fifth Avenue .

Luxury meets instant gratification
Brands like Jet Smarter and Victoria’s Secret understand that even premium consumers are seeking on-demand access whether for freedom from the hassle of ownership or for instantaneousness satisfaction.

Brands provide off-the-grid indulgence
In the smartphone world of the omnipresent work email, to disconnect is a luxury. The Mandarin, Hipcamp and Villa Stephanie invite guests to indulge in Wifi-free escapes.

Data security is the newest premium good
With cybersecurity threats galore, safeguarded data is the ultimate privilege. Luxury brands like Bulgari and BlueRock employ advanced security to protect the data of their high net-worth clientele.

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