Systematically improving AT&T's ad awareness

In the increasingly important world of social and digital media, AT&T wanted to learn how to make its advertising even stronger and more impactful.

We built a system that captures actual behavioral metrics to illuminate what AT&T’s target consumer actually does when exposed to the content. It also surveys those target consumers to learn how they take in and react to the content, and how the content impacts them, so we can assess and optimize its performance against AT&T’s specific objectives.

In the span of 18 months, we tested hundreds of advertisements, including AT&T’s, competitors’ and adjacent category ads to find drivers of playback duration and uncover the elements that drive breakthrough and view-through rates. We also conducted a content analysis to find commonalities between the best and worst performing ads. This led to a set of 5 guiding principles moving forward.

In so doing we’ve helped AT&T boost their ad awareness by more than double on Facebook, and seen double digit growth on Twitter, too.

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