How to bring the world of User-Generated Content to life?

The rise of visual social sharing via platforms such as Instagram has provided brands with a new way to examine their complex relationships with people. It involves analysing the world of User-Generated Content (UGC) to provide a rich, visual universe that can reveal the nature of people’s relationships to, and perceptions of, brands.

The most culturally connected brands recognise the power and importance of UGC as a means to understand what matters to people, and the role their brand should play in culture. It is clear they understand if you set your brand up with the right tools, people will use these tools and tell a visual story with them.

A picture can indeed paint a thousand words, so imagine what a thousand pictures can tell you about your brand. At Kantar Added Value, we’re able to get under the skin of the people you serve using our proprietary Social Imaging™ tool and understand cultural conversations taking place. Come to us to learn about your brand’s earned equity, the world around it, and how it can shape these cultural conversations in the future.

For more information, please contact Izzy Pugh.

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