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Closing the strategy to activation gap: using strategic growth frameworks to create advertising audiences

20 Nov 2017 | Added Value

Closing the strategy to activation gap is a goal now within reach.

Getting the X factor. Reaching a generation in turmoil.

27 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Generation X is imploding. What is the implication for brands?


25 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Here are some examples of brands’ latest attempts to connect with Millennials in an authentic way

Top 5 Tips to Win in the Health and Wellness Sector

27 Apr 2017 | Added Value

5 tips to optimise your brand’s health in the health and wellness sector.

Blurring Lines of ‘Wellness’ Brands

24 Apr 2017 | Added Value

This article explores brands that are shaking up the Health & Wellness category.

BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands: Keep pace with constant change to stay relevant to Chinese youth

04 Apr 2017 | Added Value

Panos Dimitropolous culturally analyses the Chinese market for the latest BrandZ report on Chinese brands.

5 ways for brands to win with diversity and gender bias

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

It’s not a question of whether brands will contribute to important social conversations, but when and how.

How health brands are using Instagram to become part of new cultural conversations

23 Feb 2017 | Added Value

How health and wellbeing brands are using visual social media to become part of new cultural conversations.

It's what you do that counts

20 Dec 2016 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about building coherent, distinctive and relevant brand behaviour through action and reaction.

FragmentNation 2016: From color blind to color brave

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

Brands must be brave about social issues that minorities care about.

FragmentNation 2016: How serendipity can help build your brand

05 Dec 2016 | Added Value

How can brands be heard in an environment of increasing noise.

FragmentNation 2016: Think big. Execute small

05 Dec 2016 | Leslie Pascaud

Brands should follow three principles to successfully think big and act small.

For the Olympics Brand, Real Risks in Rio and Beyond

21 Jul 2016 | Added Value

Proliferating problems on the ground and anxiety in the air buffet the world’s oldest franchise and challenge its power to unify.

Remain or Leave: The campaigns as brands

23 Jun 2016 | Paul Cowper

A brand structure breakdown of the EU referendum.

Purpose is Critical for Attracting Young Talented Employees

14 Jun 2016 | Emily Smith

Employee involvement can help transform a product or service into a useful and meaningful brand that has an active role in people’s lives.

CASE STUDY: M&S Putting Passion back into Promotion

10 May 2016 | Added Value

Proudly introducing ‘M&S &’; a fresh new promotional event that pairs M&S’s unique heritage with talented names across the globe.

Blurred Lines

05 May 2016 | Emily Smith

Food for thought on whether applying traditional thinking to segment categories should still be used in today’s evolving world.

Top Tips to Form a Community for a Cultural Role: Starbucks

27 Apr 2016 | pughi

Starbucks have managed to create unique moments and milestones that their community can share.

Creating Cultural Value Study

24 Apr 2016 | Added Value

How the need to deliver Cultural Value is changing marketing for good.

Creating Cultural Value Study

24 Apr 2016 | Added Value

How the need to deliver Cultural Value is changing marketing for good.

Creating Cultural Value Study

24 Apr 2016 | Added Value

How the need to deliver Cultural Value is changing marketing for good.

Creating Cultural Value Study

24 Apr 2016 | Added Value

How the need to deliver Cultural Value is changing marketing for good.

“Mobile is Everything”

22 Feb 2016 | Zoe Dowling

As a brand, connecting with consumers via their mobile devices is now essential and an integral part of its brand strategy.

Outdated notions of "masculinity" are quite literally killing men

08 Feb 2016 | ttmilnec

Male centric brands should be broadening their depictions of men not just to be more culturally on point, but also to help create a culture in which men can thrive.

Brands Iconicity

30 Nov 2015 | Added Value France

Simply because creating and designing amazing products is not enough anymore for forging an iconicity.

Top 5 Tips to Reach Iconicity

30 Nov 2015 | Added Value France

From connecting to culture to making the most of your history and heritage, here are five ways to help your brand reach iconicity.

A Taxonomy of the Modern Millennial Consumer

27 Oct 2015 | tarboxl

There more than one definition of what it is to be a millennial. Understanding some of the more interesting and culturally engaged genus could help your brand connect that bit better.

Marketing to Millennials: Lessons for the Next Generation

27 Oct 2015 | tarboxl

We are reaching fever pitch when it comes to marketing to Millennials.

Trust Matters

19 Oct 2015 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about the importance of trust that brands need to gain and sustain amongst consumers.

Brand Planning

08 Oct 2015 | Nina Rahmatallah

Brand planning is a vital phase to developing a strategic direction for growth. But how do you get the most impact out of brand planning while making the process a whole lot easier for you?

Giving Your Brand a Future Edge

01 Oct 2015 | Added Value

To truly assess an idea’s potential you have to peer into the future

Understanding Women: How Diageo learned to speak in 'unisex'

07 Sep 2015 | Added Value

ESOMAR Congress Sept 2015

The Real Face of Mzansi Families

11 Aug 2015 | Nicole Shapiro

Tapping into the family unit is a powerful tool for marketers.

Q&A: Brand Purpose

20 Jul 2015 | Added Value

Brand purpose is increasingly becoming a hot topic, evident at Cannes Lions this year. But how important is brand purpose to drive differentiation for consumers?

Get off your pedestal

20 Jul 2015 | Added Value

People aren’t interested in the old concept of brands – they’re looking for something altogether different.

Brand Cohesion

17 Jul 2015 | Nina Rahmatallah

Is brand cohesion our future marketing currency?

Top 5: Driving the Future through Mobilisation

30 Apr 2015 | Claire Smyth

From static to mobilised, we look at 5 brands that have successfully harnessed the mobile channel.

Branding for Good - Issue 41

30 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Welcome to Added Value’s newsletter focused on building brand purpose: the challenges, opportunities, our solutions and points of view.

From Saying to Doing

20 Apr 2015 | Nina Rahmatallah

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. Consumer participation drives engagement and relevance. So how do brands move from saying to playing a valued and impactful role in people’s lives…

Case Study: Harman

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Building Iconic Brands and Pressing Play. Discover how we changed the tune for American audio and infotainment company – Harman.

Challenge yourself and make Change

15 Apr 2015 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director UK, talks about businesses challenging themselves and making changes to experience true growth.

Q&A: The Power of YouTube

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

As YouTube celebrates its 10th anniversary we take a deeper look into the brand and the impact they have on businesses.

Wunderlust of the Millennial Explorers

29 Jan 2015 | leshiloth

Insights into travel marketing for the Millenial generation

Inconsistency is what people want

18 Dec 2014 | Paul Cowper

In the last few years inconsistency hasn’t necessarily been regarded as unacceptable. When it reveals authenticity it’s becoming a celebrated characteristic.

Getting Personal

15 Dec 2014 | Louise Coupe

Personalisation is increasingly becoming an exciting and powerful opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and enhance experiences and emotions.

Pernod Ricard: West Coast Cooler Case Study

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

Using the A.L.I.V.E. process to create a fresh strategic positioning for West Coast Cooler.

Pernod Ricard: Lillet Case Study

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

Lillet was the first brand to undergo the A.L.I.V.E. experience.

Insights that Bring Brands A.L.I.V.E. - Part 2

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

Insights that Bring Brands A.L.I.V.E. - Part 1

04 Dec 2014 | Mark Whiting

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

In the Marketer's Chair with David Wheldon

01 Dec 2014 | davinar

David Wheldon, Head of Brand, Reputation and Citizenship at Barclays Group, in the hot seat.

Matching Retail Value and Brands

20 Nov 2014 | Erna George

How are retailers engaging with consumers to deliver a great package deal?

Fair Exchange: Convenience Revisited

19 Nov 2014 | Erna George

For today’s consumers, convenience is a key differentiator.

Clear Up, Clean Up...

05 Nov 2014 | Matt Woodhams

Growth doesn’t just happen on its own. You need to tidy up to find what you’re looking for to start reaping the rewards.

Positive Ageing: The Age of Tomorrow

29 Oct 2014 | pompei de warrensc

Positive Ageing is a real social phenomenon that will shape future society.

Top 5 Ways for Brands to Win with Positive Ageing

27 Oct 2014 | pompei de warrensc

Youth is a mindset.

Standing Still Is As Good As Going Backwards

24 Sep 2014 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper, Managing Director of Added Value UK, shares his thoughts on brands that ‘do good’, keep up with the times and answer consumers’ needs.

Added Value at the Luxury Goods Responsible Sourcing Forum

19 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Luxury and sustainability: two opposing concepts?

Energy Companies: should they have a right to make excessive profit?

15 Sep 2014 | Added Value

A diverse debate on whether the ‘big 6’ energy companies have a right to make big profits.

Does your Brand Have the Smell of Success About It?

05 Sep 2014 | Added Value

Scent is part of a brand’s unique personality

Added Value Edits: The Makers

14 Aug 2014 | Added Value

The rise of DIY: Crafting new opportunities for brands.

‘Made in China’ Promotion Must Tap National Pride

12 Aug 2014 | Added Value

The future of time-honoured Chinese brands.

Is Russell Stover Deal a Sweet Marketing Play for Lindt?

18 Jul 2014 | Added Value

Russell Stover’s deal will make Lindt the third-biggest chocolate maker in North America.

Netto Gain For Sainsbury's

15 Jul 2014 | Added Value

Added Value UK comment on Sainsbury’s joint venture with Discounter Netto in The Grocer.

Future of Soccer in the US

09 Jul 2014 | spalacios

Will the US embrace soccer anytime soon? Let’s try to predict the future…

Female Empowerment in Brazil

08 Jul 2014 | Added Value

Being feminine & sexy continues to be important, but coupled with a strong, determined attitude to life.

Compromise is the Answer

04 Jul 2014 | Paul Cowper

Paul Cowper the Managing Director of Added Value UK, shares his thoughts around global brands in local markets…

The Hand on the Helm

03 Jul 2014 | James Lynden

Financial corporations, shareholders and journalists notice when CEOs pack up their bags. What about the consumers?

ESOMAR Congress: Insights to Bring Brands ALIVE!

02 Jul 2014 | Added Value

The challenge of generating and leveraging insights the Pernod Ricard way.

African Game Changers for Growth

26 Jun 2014 | Lynne Gordon

The mobile revolution is changing the landscape in Africa – but perhaps not in the ways you’d expect

Brands that Tackle Food Waste can Woo Consumers

23 Jun 2014 | Leslie Pascaud

It is time for mainstream food brands to get creative to drive both internal & consumer food-saving behaviors.

Engaging with Football Fans in Asia

26 May 2014 | Added Value

We take a look at three different approaches being used by brands to engage football fans.

Fair Exchange: How the tough economy is changing retail

17 Apr 2014 | Erna George

Don’t leave your brand on the sidelines.

The Value of Values

08 Apr 2014 | Added Value

Brand trust has always been important. But creating lifelong advocacy demands more.

Top 5 Ways to Build Brand Magic in India

26 Mar 2014 | Added Value

Added Value China shares the top five strategies to entice India.

Top 5 Ways to Win in China

27 Feb 2014 | Added Value

5 ways for brands to harness the power of the world’s second largest economy.

Fair Exchange: Equal Benefits

10 Feb 2014 | Erna George

Long-term relationships benefit the health of the brand, and can save both parties a significant amount of time and money.

If a Brand has Died, It’s Because it Deserved To… It’s as Simple as That

10 Feb 2014 | Added Value

Brands need to demonstrate a functional benefit – their product or service must solve a problem or fulfil a need.

Fair Exchange: Brands Must Have a Purpose to Win with People

22 Jan 2014 | Erna George

Purpose-driven brands will be the most effective and successful in the longer term.

A Future Without M&S Knickers?

11 Dec 2013 | Added Value

It’s been another hard year for retail. Britain’s biggest clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer’s, announced that their apparel sales were down 1.5% and they are gaining more profit from their food sales, an astonishing 10% growth.

Fair Exchange: Unilever, P&G and the Rise of the Corporate Brand

20 Nov 2013 | Erna George

Corporate brands are increasingly being featured in campaigns marketing the product or ‘consumed’ brand.

Fair Exchange: Reap Rewards Through Inter-Agency Collaboration

20 Oct 2013 | Erna George

Today, clients are looking for agency partners that can synergise with other partners.

Fair Exchange: Loyalty Smoyalty

26 Aug 2013 | Erna George

Principles learned from loyalty programmes rolled out: what makes a loyalty programme successful and held with high regard by customers.

A Story Tells Many Tales

21 Aug 2013 | Added Value

A story captures one’s imagination inviting one into another world. It is within this world an understanding of the truth comes to life and one takes ownership. Here lies the value of stories for brands.

Launch A New Brand? Or Stretch An Existing One?

19 Aug 2013 | Alison Tucker

Given the widely accepted statistic that around 80% of new product launches fail, in these very tough trading conditions, should you be looking to introduce a new brand to consumers or to stretch your brand?

Social Context And Your Brand

07 Aug 2013 | Added Value

Social context is more important than ever if a brand is to remain relevant.

Fair Exchange: Your Brand In Africa - Global Guest Or Global Bully?

24 Jul 2013 | Erna George

Immersing in local markets with consumers, or partnering local experts, to ensure you know the local context and nuances enables global brands to win.

How The NFL Stretched Its Brand, And Why You Should Too

09 Jul 2013 | Added Value

How we position a brand goes beyond simply defining what the brand does. The role of positioning needs to be more textured if it is to engage and inspire.


26 Jun 2013 | Added Value

When brands tell stories well, something very special happens.

Finding Growth In The Chaos

13 Jun 2013 | harrisl

In today’s hyper-competitive conditions, where change is the only constant, the ‘grow or die’ mandate has never been more apt.

Corporate Re-Branding – A Success, A Failure

12 Jun 2013 | Alison Tucker

Key lessons to learn when it comes to a brand name change.

Enough to Drive us Girls Mad?

06 Mar 2013 | puddickm

Beer brands are falling flat by failing to communicate to women simply because they are branding them pretty and pink.

Bringing Star Power to Brands

01 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Celebrity endorsement is one of the most effective ways to establish instant rapport with consumers through one person’s external cue

Middle Kingdom Rising: The Year of the Snake

11 Feb 2013 | Added Value

Understanding the Golden Weeks phenomenon is critical to success in China.

Understanding Brand Positioning

08 Oct 2012 | puddickm

The process of setting out what a brand promises to and should stand for in the eyes of its target consumer.

Finding Hidden Growth

01 Jun 2012 | Bart Michels

Marketing was born to deliver growth. Now is the time when really good businesses and brands shape strong marketing strategies, act decisively and become great by building growth when all those around them are struggling to find it.

All That Glitters is Not Gold

31 May 2012 | davinar

The Key to Brand Consistency: Are You Barking When You Should Quack?

23 Apr 2012 | Bryony Ranford

Understanding how your brand is going to interact – and being able to clearly articulate this – is essential for driving consistency across multiple agency partners and increasingly interactive touchpoints.

Powerful Character Will Decide the French Presidential Elections

12 Apr 2012 | Added Value

Beyond election candidates’ political agendas, voters tend to support the personality they most think will deliver the leadership they desire.

Being practical with Business Analysis

13 Feb 2012 | Added Value

Test of Character

07 Feb 2012 | Paul Cowper

How Design Thinking can enrich Marketing and Business Innovation

08 Nov 2011 | Added Value

Innovation is key to competitiveness in the global economy.

OpFinder™: Providing Market Direction

30 Jun 2011 | Added Value

How to Engage Chinese Consumers: with Partnership and Respect

25 Mar 2011 | Added Value

China’s people are increasingly proud of the country’s growing status; and brands are taking notice, looking to form stronger relationships with the country’s consumers.

The Starbucks Debate

14 Jan 2011 | Added Value

New Study Finds South Africans in Denial Over Health

17 Sep 2010 | Added Value

South Africans are a nation of people in denial when it comes to perceptions of how overweight, unfit and unhealthy they are.

Nestlé Central West Africa Case Study: Filtering Coffee Culture in Africa

07 Sep 2010 | Added Value

We helped to confirm the nuances of the culture of coffee within the African cultural context, providing the lever for Nestle to cement the brand in the region by innovating for growth.

Politics or Branding – Character wins the vote

30 Apr 2010 | Added Value

In the UK, political leaders are battling to establish their brand characters to win the people’s vote. As the televised debates have shown, this election will not be won on policies alone; it’s the personalities that will help swing it.

Market: Portfolio Strategy

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Market: Segmentation

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Positioning: Cultural Capital

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Positioning: Brand Positioning

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Positioning: CharacterLab

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Positioning: Character Creation

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Positioning: Sustainable Platform

01 Jan 2009 | Added Value

Seeing Differently

08 Nov 2009 | Darrel Rhea

Kit Kat Case Study: Finding Opportunity In The World Of Chocolate

18 Sep 2009 | Added Value

Added Value uncover all the choc bar Ws: the whos, the whys, the whats, the whens and the wheres.

Levi's case study: they twisted seams

18 Sep 2009 | Added Value

The brief was written. To reinvent the Original.

Starbucks' Local Experience?

30 Jul 2009 | tommy

Fog and what comes out of it.

30 Jun 2009 | Leah Hunter

Grab a mop. Make it shine.

18 Jun 2009 | Leah Hunter

Understanding People in a Downturn

28 Mar 2009 | Steve Diller

Transformational Client Experiences

23 Mar 2009 | Steve Diller


20 Mar 2009 | imor

Book Content Wants to Run Free

06 Mar 2009 | Steve Diller

Silver Lining to the Financial Situation

04 Mar 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Election Night In San Francisco

05 Nov 2008 | Leah Hunter

Understanding NASCAR Culture

03 Nov 2008 | tommy

The Archetype Game

28 Jul 2008 | Added Value

In many markets it is increasingly hard to carve out tangible product advantage.

Voting and Meaning

01 Mar 2007 | Steve Diller

Test Your Valentine’s Day IQ

20 Feb 2007 | Terri Ducay

Understanding Culture & Meaning

06 Dec 2006 | tommy

Not a Jack of Hearts...

04 Jul 2006 | Darrel Rhea

Superb Solution for Superannuation

14 Apr 2006 | Darrel Rhea

Meaning Illuminated

06 Apr 2006 | Added Value

TED- the swagger and the slink

28 Feb 2006 | Lee Shupp

Bye bye boots

20 Feb 2006 | Lee Shupp

Grabbing Onto The Blue Balloon

12 Feb 2006 | Darrel Rhea

Cheskin's New Book: Meaningful Experiences

22 Jan 2006 | Terri Ducay

Expressions of Meaning

11 Jan 2006 | Steve Diller

Do Ideas Change the World?

30 Nov 2005 | Steve Diller

Meaningful moments

16 Nov 2005 | Added Value

Focus On Value and Meaning

06 Sep 2005 | Darrel Rhea

Texas Rollergirls Rule!

29 Jun 2005 | Lee Shupp

A $5 newspaper?

15 Feb 2005 | Davis Masten

The Cheskin Experience

06 Feb 2005 | Darrel Rhea