Chris Prox

Chief Executive Officer, Germany

After starting his career with GTP/Gemini Consulting, Chris joined Icon when it was just 15 months old, thriving on the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly growing business.

He became Managing Director in 1998 and was appointed to Added Value’s global executive committee in 2004 as CEO Asia Africa. In 2006 Chris took over responsibility for the German business as CEO for Icon Added Value. He also looks after Added Value’s offices in China, Italy, Poland and Russia.

Chris specialises in brand equity and communication, looking after clients like Audi, Nestlé and Colgate Palmolive.

Jürgen Breitinger

Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board, Germany

Jürgen started his marketing career in 1995 at Icon Forschung & Consulting, working across financial services, telecommunications and retail. His main focus was on clients in the insurance industry before the scope of research widened and saw him working abroad across Eastern Europe.

Today, he is Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board as well as being responsible for the internal production services.

Jürgen loves to explore the reasons why some brands feature weak profiles and whether strong brands satisfy consumers more.

Dr Bernd Christian

Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board, Germany

Bernd is a Doctor of Business Administration and fascinated by statistics and the role they play in market research.

With a keen interest for how human behaviour can be predicted based on a few statements, he has expertise in econometrics as well as data mining.

Bernd leads the Marketing Science department and is responsible for Talent in Germany. Since 2009, he has also been a Member of the Executive Board.

Thorsten Esch

Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board, Germany

Taught by the famous professor Kroeber-Riel at Saarland University, Thorsten graduated with a “Diplom Kaufmann” (comparable to the MBA).

He joined Icon Added Value in 1997 and has developed long standing client relationships with Audi, Volkswagen, FrieslandCampina and Rügenwalder Mühle.

Prior to Icon Added Value, Thorsten was Managing Director at Y&R Germany where he was responsible for planning and brand strategy.

Kai Lockermann

Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board, Germany

Since 2006, Kai has been a Member of the Executive Board of Icon Added Value and responsible for the New Business department.

Before joining Icon Added Value in 2000, Kai pursued a life of academia and a role in Marketing at Storck KG that took him around the world.

Kai has a particular interest in positioning, generating growth in stagnating markets and culture when it comes to brands. His work is future-facing, including projects on understanding mobility in 2020.