Maggie Taylor

Chief Executive Officer, North America

Armed with a BA in Psychology from Brown University, Maggie began her professional study of behaviour in the famed Cellar of Macy’s Herald Square, which fuelled her passion for marketing and next role at VST, where she both produced and tested ads.

Maggie then teamed up with Diagnostic Research where she partnered Marc Agostini in building DR into one of North America’s most creative communication’s research agencies.

Shortly after joining WPP, Maggie led the business into a merger with Added Value, Icon Brand Navigation and Oracle Research. For the last 10 years Maggie has led the development of AV NA and is the brains behind Added Value’s Cultural Traction™ study.

Jonathan Hall

Global Chief Innovation Officer & President, North America Consulting

Jonathan joined Added Value UK in 2005 to work on global clients, before moving to head up Added Value France three years later. In 2011, he became Managing Director of Added Value Cheskin in San Francisco.

He specialises in brand strategy development and innovation with experience ranging from multi-national packaged goods, financial services, technology, pharmaceutical and utilities groups through to leisure players, retailers and luxury businesses as well as government departments, universities and charity organizations.

A long-standing member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Brand Management, Jonathan is also an Oxford University graduate.

Jennifer Fox

Senior Vice President, US

Jennifer has been with Added Value (formerly Diagnostic Research) for over 20 years.

Graduating from UCLA with a degree in Economics, Jennifer began her career at Phase One, where she learnt the fine art of assessing advertising’s performance through content analysis.  Falling in love with advertising research, she moved into the Communications Testing practice at Diagnostic Research shortly after finishing her Master’s Degree from USC in Communications Management.

Jennifer currently heads up Added Value’s Communications Testing practice. Her expertise lies in analyzing strengths and weaknesses of advertising in different mediums, and in many different product categories including automotive, entertainment, travel and leisure.

Helen Firth

Senior Vice President Brand Development, US

Helen has 18 years of brand strategy experience, both with Added Value and as a Strategic Planner across a range of global ad agencies.

She brings a unique perspective and a passion to ensure that insight inspires action, having successfully guided strategy into above- and below-the-line expression for clients as diverse as IKEA, Sears Group, Unilever, Diageo and the BBC.

Brian Kushnir

Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Los Angeles, US

Graduating from UCLA in 1989, Brian went on to achieve his Master’s degree in International Relations and Business from UC San Diego.

Prior to joining Added Value in 2003, he ran the strategic planning and market research groups at BBDO Japan. He has also worked on strategic consumer insights with Microsoft, Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, Johnson & Johnson and Fidelity Investments, and was in charge of media planning and consumer research at Gateway Japan.

Brian currently leads the Los Angeles office and works with clients across a number of categories including telecommunications, automotive, and beverages.

Wai Leng Loh

Senior Vice President, US

With an MBA from Pepperdine University and a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, Wai Leng’s career spans roles at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Packard Bell and CCM Pharma.

She joined Added Value 12 years ago and has since managed numerous tactical and strategic research projects including tracking, positioning, segmentation and copy testing.

Wai Leng provides a broad scope of knowledge spanning both national and international brand and advertising research across a variety of sectors such as Automotive, Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceutical and Energy.

Leslie Pascaud

Executive Vice President Branding and Sustainable Innovation, New York, US

Fresh out of Wharton and Yale, Leslie began her career in advertising, working on Procter & Gamble and Mars business in the US, then France. She came to Added Value in 2000 to lead brand positioning and portfolio strategy projects for General Mills and Unilever. As global innovation thought leader, Leslie spearheaded innovation approaches for Tefal, Haagen-Dazs and Colgate.

A long-standing passion for responsible marketing inspired Leslie to launch Added Value’s Branding for Good sustainable practice in 2006.

Since then, she has worked with Unilever, Shell, Ikea, Nestle and AT&T to leverage purpose as a springboard for innovation and brand building.

Jeff Powell

Executive Vice President, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

With 20 years of market research experience, an MBA degree from The Anderson School at UCLA and a bachelor’s degree from Boston University, Jeff’s expertise covers a wide variety of industries, client challenges and research methods.

Prior to joining Added Value, Jeff spent time at Lieberman Research Worldwide, Diagnostic Research and Oliver Wyman as well as time on the client side at Nissan North America.

He specialises in employing Added Value’s segmentation approach to understand market structures and then build and target client brands to match those dynamics.

Glenn Rosenberg

Executive Vice President, US Head of Tracking, Los Angeles, US

Glenn has over 25 years of experience leading client relationships spanning categories that include automotive, financial services, telecommunications and more.

He currently heads up Added Value’s tracking offer, and specializes in recognizing patterns across large sets of data and using insights to help clients drive strategy.

Glenn ensures that all outputs meet a rigorous high standard, and is an industry innovator on the process of collecting and sharing information.